Saturday, August 09, 2014

Manifesto-ish's Artist in Residence Tells All

On Sunday August 17th 7PM (time subject to change), Manifesto-ish will host an artist talk with Artist in Residence Stefan Znosko. The live gallery tour and artist talk can be viewed at Viewers who tune in live can participate by shooting the panel their questions and observations in real time.

Stefan's residency work can be viewed here and his online gallery show can be viewed here

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nancy Gail Ring @ 73 See Gallery

If you happen to be in the Montclair, NJ neighborhood, definitely check out this interactive installation as well as a collection of small works.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Veronica Cianfrano @ Salon 1522 in December

Saturday, December 7th 5-8PM
Salon 1522: 1522 N. Lawrence st. Philadelphia, PA 19122

Heavy Hands is a solo exhibition featuring the work of Veronica Cianfrano, curated by Shane Leddy of Salon 1522.  

Veronica Cianfrano is a multi-media, Philadelphia based artist who has been examining "the communication break down" through photographic images and memories of her familial ties and through our current reliance on digital communication. This exhibition serves as a display for these vignettes of examination whether it be through memory decay, new meanings found in old footage, or the effects of the news media on our state of mind.

True to Cianfrano’s style, the exhibition will feature a film screening as well as a varying collection of sculptures, assemblages, drawings, and paintings; all of which invite the viewer in for an intimate discussion about memory, as well as the state of the media and the state of our minds today.

The opening reception will take place on December 7th from 5-8PM and the exhibition will remain up throughout the month of December. Call Shane Leddy for a private viewing: (610) 751-0935

Monday, November 11, 2013

Snap Happy--the video is in!

Snap Happy is an online panel discussion regarding the affect of digital technology and social media on the field of photography. The discussion was hosted by Manifesto-ish, an online artist collective founded by four UArts SUMFA alums. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 09, 2013

F*ck Art Book Party/Beatnik Extravaganza!
Sunday November 17th at 3PM

Come celebrate the publication of F*ck Art (Let's Dance) -- an artist's memoir of the East Village by former CHER contributor Sally Eckhoff. The reading begins at 4PM.

Connie's RIC-RAC 
1132 s. 9th St 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

This November...

Join Manifesto-ish for a another thrilling online panel discussion:

Snap Happy is a video discussion regarding the effect of digital photography and social media on the field of photography.

The discussion will occur in mid-November

Discussion statement:

Photography has long been a medium of the masses. Accessibility alone has caused an immense proliferation of amateur imagery in this arena. Professional photographers have had a long row to hoe regarding differentiation between low and high skilled snapping. With the onset of digital imaging technology as well as social media, the aforementioned proliferation has sky rocketed. For those of us unfortunate enough to participate in the world of social media with regularity, we find ourselves bombarded by personal photography. I have spent many a misplaced minute scrolling through the Facebook photo albums of friends of friends (aka people I don’t know). Even beyond social media, the internet is photo-laced. These images often appear apart from context and origin.

It feels as though the photographic playing field has changed yet again. Manifesto-ish has invited a handful of photographers and artists to participate in this online discussion. At this point our roster includes:

Mark Havens
Stefan Znoskso
Sean Corbett
Matt Zigler
Lauren McCarty
Christopher J. Butler

Here's a link to the Facebook event:

--Jessie Clark & the Manifesto-ish crew

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

'Making IT' Exhibition to Showcase Work by Recent UArts Alumni

Juried show, featuring the classes of 2003 through 2013, takes place October 10 – 26 in Hamilton and Arronson Galleries

"Vines" by April Field BFA '11 (Jewelry).

Making IT: Alumni Works '03-'13" is a juried exhibition of works by recent alumni. Over 150 works were submitted by UArts alumni from the classes of 2003 through 2013, including undergraduate and graduate alumni. The 57 works that were selected create a coherent and innovative exhibition, showcasing the excellence and artistic diversity of our recent alumni.

This is the first year the exhibit includes an invitational portion. This year's invited artists are Michele Kishita BFA '97 (Painting), MFA '10 (Painting) and John Souter BFA '12 (Crafts), whose work will be featured in Arronson Gallery.

Making IT will be on display October 10 – 26 in the lobby of Hamilton Hall and the adjacent Arronson Gallery (320 South Broad Street), with an opening reception scheduled for Friday, October 18 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

"Composite 1" by Mason Owens BFA '13 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts).

Thank you to the Making IT jury for their time and expertise: alumna and faculty member Shelley Spector BFA '94 (Fine Arts); alumnae Veronica Cianfrano MFA '10 (Painting) and Jessica Clark MFA '10 (Painting), both co-founders and curators at CHER (CHampions of Empty Rooms); alumnus and faculty member Jordan Rockford BFA '00 (Photography); student and Gallery One President Sydney Andrews '15 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts); and Christopher Sharrock, dean, College of Art, Media & Design at the University of the Arts.

The alumni show will coincide with DesignPhiladelphia, the nation's largest city-wide celebration of design being held October 10 – 18;Philadelphia Open Studio Tours, a program of the Center for Emerging Visual Artists October 19 – 20; and the University's Family and Alumni Weekend, which will take place October 18 – 20.

"Disconnected" by Crystal Shephard BFA '09 (Graphic Design).

2013 "Making IT" Selected Artists

Michael Barakat MID '11 (Industrial Design)
David Boyd BFA '12 (Illustration)
Lorenzo Buffa BS '12 (Industrial Design)
Samantha Castrale BFA '11 (Photography)
Jonathan Chase BFA '13 (Painting/Drawing)
Marianne Dages BFA '04 (Photography)
Cory Espinosa BFA '12 (Multidisciplinary Fine Art)
April Field BFA '11 (Jewelry)
Regina Flath BFA '09 (Illustration)
Gina Herrera MFA '12 (Studio Art)
James Kaminski BFA '12 (Illustration)
James Lincke BFA '08 (Illustration)
April Melchior BFA '12 (Illustration)
Kelsey Niziolek BFA '12 (Illustration)
Mason Owens BFA '13 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts)
Nancy Gail Ring MFA '10 (Painting)
Leontien Rotteveel BFA '06 (Crafts)
Natalie Rzucidlo BFA '10 (Book Arts/Printmaking)
Susan Seaton MFA '04 (Painting)
Crystal Shephard BFA '09 (Graphic Design)
Lindsay Sparagana BFA '06 (Photography)
Timothy Walsh BFA '07 (Graphic Design)
Shannah Warwick BFA '02 (Printmaking)
George Wylesol BFA '12 (Illustration)
Keith Yahrling BFA '08 (Photography0
Matt Zigler MFA '10 (Painting)

Death Do Us Part: a collection of works by Texas based artist Marshall Harris (MFA '10)

Death Do Us Part 
October 12th-November 16th, 2013
Dallas’ Red Arrow Contemporary

Death Do Us Part brings an unprecedented collection of unusually large and startling artworks to Red Arrow Contemporary in Dallas on October 12. Artist Marshall Harris of Fort Worth, noted for his large-scale, hyper-realistic drawings, exhibits more than a dozen creations at his debut solo show.

Winner of the 2013 Hunting Art Prize, Mr. Harris combines a number of works in myriad media – including several of his distinctive graphite-on-Mylar drawings, photography, cast-resin sculpture and a video creation - comprising a multi-faceted perspective on death.

“The term death is most often associated with the end of something – life being the obvious example - but when considered in broader terms, it can be redefined as transition. The finish of something becomes the start of another. Death marks the transitional point from the arrival at an ending and departure to a beginning,” Mr. Harris says.

His compositions in works seen in Death Do Us Part examine the details found in such transitions. He believes that “death can be the moment when a loved one becomes a departed relative, or a functional item transforms into something uniquely familiar but no longer what it was. Life causes an instant and unalterable effect on everything around us– as does death.”

The centerpiece of Death Do Us Part, “Stripping the Flesh and Bone of this Mortal Coil,” is a 2-D/3-D installation. Among its components is a 25-foot-long cloudscape drawing in graphite on Mylar, untraditionally hung in the center of the gallery to allow viewing from both sides. Suspended above the drawing is an installation of thousands of obituary photographs of the dearly departed.

Another study of a subject in post-life, “9”, Mr. Harris’ series of a feline skull provides an illuminating view of a tiny subject, a look at crevices, cavities, teeth and the porous nature of bone in ways impossible to access in life.

A Fort Worth native, Mr. Harris earned his fine arts degree from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth and an MFA from University of the Arts in Philadelphia. While working on drawings, he teaches at TCU in Fort Worth.

Death Do Us Part continues until November 16

Red Arrow Contemporary
1130 Dragon St., Suite 110
Dallas, TX 75207