Monday, July 02, 2007

Visiting Artist James Hyde

James Hyde's lecture seems to have provoked a number of interesting reactions from students in the program. I had the chance to observe some of the crits he gave (in the photo, he's talking to third-year painter Tim Murphy). Carol and I thought it might be interesting if we shared some of the outlines of these conversations on this page, so look here after each lecture and feel free to post your thoughts and anything you might think helpful by hitting the "Add Comment" link below.

Next up, painter Hiro Sakaguchi on Thursday (Not Wednesday!) July 5 at noon.

(And, by the way, if the comments get out hand or someone starts advertising Viagra on our blog, we can make it necessary to have them approved before they go online...don't make me do that.)

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tim said...

James Hyde had some very insightful comments when he visited my studio. They weren’t just the usual you should look at this or that artist. In a few minutes he was dissecting my methodology and motivations and was dead on target. I thought he had an interesting lecture and I had a productive studio visit.